Home Registration Hotel Clinics Prototype Tours Showroom Volunteer Non Rail About Layouts                                                                                                 VAN NUYS LOCAL 2020 NON-RAIL ACTIVITIES The Van Nuys Local 2020 convention will be an opportunity for the non- rail attendees (and maybe some rails as well) to get together and have some fun! Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - our non-rail social room, located at room number 180 (first floor - right in front of the pool) will be open and will be a place full of activities: lots of books, puzzles, movies, crafts, knitting, yoga class, bingo, coffee, tea, wine, snacks, music and much, more - at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Here are some of the planned activities: WEDNESDAY - FROM NOON TO 4:00 pm - come to meet the non-rail volunteers and find out about all the activities and give suggestions of what you would like to do during the convention. EVERY DAY - FROM 10:00 m to 11:00 am - Have fun with yoga and then enjoy a glass of wine as a reward. Remember to bring your yoga mat and comfortable clothes to participate in this activity. EVERY DAY - FROM 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Happy Hour. Includes wine, soft drinks, snacks, music and games. SATURDAY - FROM 7:00 am to noon - Come to see (and shop) at THE BOUTIQUE. While the railroaders shop for train stuff, enjoy the non- rail items, just in time to start your Christmas shopping!                                                                       THE NON-RAIL TEAM HAS ORGANIZED TWO EXCITING OUTSIDE EXCURSIONS (EXTRA                  COST WILL APPLY): THURSDAY MORNING – A VISIT TO THE JAPANESE GARDEN – This excursion is a tour of the Suiho-En Japanese Gardens. This beautiful and tranquil garden is the perfect place to start off the day! In the midst of the busy San Fernando Valley lies an oasis – a 6 1/2 acre garden, which features three gardens in one: a dry Zen meditation garden, a “wet- strolling” garden, and a tea garden. The Japanese Garden is an example of a chisen style garden, in which a pond or lake occupies the most   significant portion of the garden. Water's importance is not as a substance but as a symbol and expression of the sea. The garden also features a lovely gift shop. Transportation and admission included. ONLY $10.00 FARE!                                                      FRIDAY – MID-DAY – NON-RAIL LUNCHEON AND SAN ANTONIO WINERY TOUR –The non-rail luncheon will be held at the Maddalena Restaurant in the beautiful historic San Antonio Winery, which was built in 1917. The attendees will have several lunch offerings available. A tour of the winery will be given and plenty of time allowed for shopping in the wonderful gift shop. Wine tasting is also available for those that are interested, for a nominal charge paid directly to the winery. Transportation, winery tour and luncheon included. Fare:  $35.00                                                           Contact