VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Any successful regional convention requires a lot of time and dedication to accomplish, and it is physically impossible for our hard working convention committee members to be two or more places at the same time. This is why we need your assistance. Volunteering at the convention can be a very rewarding experience. You may meet and interact with people that you may not have otherwise-plus there is that warm fuzzy feeling you will get when know you are helping your fellow NMRA members! You can volunteer for an hour or two, or longer if you wish. Below is a list of some of the volunteer positions available and a brief description of the duties involved: Clinic room assistant: Introduce clinicians, assure the clinicians have everything they need to conduct their clinic, keep clinicians on schedule so room is available on time for next clinician. Model showroom/contest assistant: Assist Contest Chair/Achievement Chair with room set-up, voting, and security. Model showroom/contest judge: Assist Contest Chair/Achievement Chair by judging contest entries. Serving as a contest judge at a regional convention earns AP units at twice the rate of a divisional event. Registration desk assistant: Help greet arriving registrants, assist with distribution of registration packets. Bus Captain: Assist with bus boarding and assure all persons scheduled for bus tour have boarded before departure. Assure all persons have boarded the bus prior to returning to the hotel. Be prepared to deal with emergency situations if necessary. Vendor room attendant: Assist vendors with any needs they may have, provide security for room. To add your name to our volunteer list, contact Ron Westlund at: 2020volunteers@psrconvention.org Home Registration Hotel Clinics Prototype Tours Showroom Volunteer Non Rail About Layouts Contact